Ovayok Road

by Scary Bear Soundtrack

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Valois Perfect atmosphere and wonderfully effortless sounding (but clearly very well thought out) melodies. A lovely glimpse into a northern world and I'm so bummed I didn't hear about it sooner! Favorite track: Ovayok Road.
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Written and recorded in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

“The six-song Ovayok Road is a whirlwind of fun dream pop with hints of shoegaze. The songs are beautifully imagined, layered with synths and vocal harmonies that together create a truly euphonic experience.” -Matias Munoz, Mixtape Magazine (mixtapemagazine.ca/best-of-2015/)

“There have been few releases that radiate as much warmth as this formerly Nunavut-based (now Ottawa) group’s latest EP does. The synth-pop songs don’t need a lot to keep listeners happy; a catchy beat that will have you grooving along, a few refrains, and of course the lush lyrics that transport you away. The self-titled track guides you with shimmery guitars and a lo-fi backing beat as it implores you: “C’mon let’s spend the night outside/Yes I know you’re afraid of mosquito bites.” “My First Northern Lights” commands you to unplug and connect with the natural wonders around you. “Blanket Burritos” is a heavy-sounding tribute to warmth itself. The majesty of the arctic is detailed by “Victoria Island,” and it all draws to a close with the celebratory “Water Truck.” Not an ounce of filler here.” –Grayowl Point (grayowlpoint.com/2015/12/29/a-few-overlooked-acts-in-2015-the-year-end-edition/)

"Nunavut synthpop! Scary Bear Soundtrack have fully arrived with their debut EP Ovayok Road. Way up in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Gloria Guns and Christine Aye have been quietly making some excellent bedroom synthpop, including one of our favourite songs of last year, “Manic Pixie Dream Girl.” Their sound has grown leaps and bounds, fuller, and more completely realized. It’s great to see another highlight from last year’s The Longest Night, the incredible “Fault Lines”, make the cut on this release. But every song on this record has its own special appeal, and there’s a lot range and diversity in sound throughout the EP. If we had to pick a favourite, it’s the remarkable “Victoria Island”, a super-hooky and propulsive synth-pop number with endless replay value. We couldn’t be more impressed." -Silent Shout (silentshout.ca/2015/08/28/new-release-scary-bear-soundtrack-ovayok-road/)


released August 14, 2015

Mixed by Ben Leggett
Mastered by Julian Marrs
Artwork by Devon Crosby
(c) 2015 Scary Bear Soundtrack. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Scary Bear Soundtrack Ottawa, Ontario

indie synth pop project with a healthy love of synths, chorus pedals, and vintage guitar amps. Featuring the works of Gloria Guns.
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Track Name: Fault Lines
showing off in your father’s car
chasing girls, you’re the local star
you’re seventeen years old, and your future waits
you’re hanging around, you blast Rick Ross
unaware of the girls’ lives lost
you’re the hometown hero, and mom says you’d do no wrong

these days for you are games to be played
to be conquered and boasted and laid to waste
you were supposed to claim the victory and not the crime

when I woke up, I thought I was dead
they told me walk it off, with these broken legs
because boys will always do what you did to me
you’re hanging around, you laugh with the boys
unaware of the girls you destroyed
because you know that the heroes always win

these days for me are knives to the chest
forced to smile with each laboured breath
and every girl I know lives on a fault line

you left me for dead but i am not yet
i will learn to walk with broken legs

these days for me are incredible miracles
my future waits for me now to live for
and I won’t stay your jane doe anymore

you left me for dead but i am not yet
i will learn to walk with broken legs
Track Name: Blanket Burrito
everybody's going out
but i've got my own cosy spot
in a blanket burrito

i probably ought to eat some grub
but it involves standing up
from this blanket burrito

it's so cold outside

you tell me about the world out there
all the excitement happening now
you tell me that i'm missing out
but it's so cold outside

my boss says i better show up
but i found myself a new job
being a blanket burrito

you say honey let me in on the fun
but there's only room for one
in this blanket burrito

it's so warm inside